Why choose Herculeash?


Herculeash leashes are strong, stylish and comfortable.

Our standard leash is made from 1/2" Polyester Double Braid Rope. It is soft, flexible, durable and strong.

We can custom make your leash in any length you desire.

Steel thimble construction on the hook end give them superior strength and durability.

A spliced eye on the handle end combines old world sailing craftsmanship with new rope technology.

Visit us at one of our events. Hold one in your hand and you will know what your leash is missing!

A testimonial from Susan Parker, Owner of Dynamic Dog Training and President of the Little Rhodie Bully Breed Club -
"A little brag ... ok a big brag... These leashes are THE BEST...Custom made by Eric... I also now own the best in the world 30 foot training line & slip leash... If you own a bully breed dog they are a MUST have!"


Herculeash collars are made with a base layer of 4 strands of 550 Paracord.

Paracord is super strong, skydivers trust their lives to it, this is the line that attaches them to their parachute.

The outside is woven with a more decorative reflective paracord, while it is not quite as strong as 550 the reflective tracer makes your dog much more visible to motorists at night.

Each collar is custom made for the size of your dogs neck for the perfect fit.